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Orthopaedics WA News



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We hope you and your loved ones are well. Everyone here is well, and we are preparing carefully and responsibly to maintain your health.
With Coronavirus (COVID-19) becoming increasingly prevalent across the world we want to assure you that your wellbeing and that of our staff are our main priorities.

2019 – ORFWA.

The Orthopaedic Research Fund of WA was set up 2018 to facilitate quality musculoskeletal research in WA. Chaired by Piers Yates, Peter D’Alessandro, Jay Ebert and Chris Jones. We have already produced a number of publications and projects from this venture.
See www.orfwa.com.au

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August 2019, Professor Yates awarded national award for research by the Australian Orthopaedic Association in recognition of career achievement.

This is the first time it has been awarded to an orthopaedic surgeon in Western Australia. The presentation was in Canberra in October 2019.

Mr Chris Jones appointed Head of Orthopaedics at the Mount hospital.

Specialising in Primary hip and knee replacement, Computer-assisted and Robot-assisted surgery, Unicompartmental knee replacement, Hip Resurfacing, Revision hip and knee replacement, Prosthetic Joint Infection and Trauma surgery, Mr Jones works privately through Orthopaedics WA at St John of God Hospital Murdoch and The Mount Hospital.

2018: Professor Piers Yates is elected Head of Orthopaedics at Murdoch Private hospital.

In 2018 Professor Piers Yates is elected the Head of Orthopaedics at Murdoch hospital, where he will be working on a number of projects, including developing the WA private orthopaedic trauma system.
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August 2018
Mr Chris Jones joins Orthopaedics WA with his first clinic on the 28th August.

Raised in Western Australia and educated at Hale School, Chris Jones is a triple-fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon with a PhD from the University of Western Australia in surgery, pathology and biomechanical engineering.
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March 2018
Orthopaedics WA's new consulting rooms are now open in a central Perth location at Mount Medical Centre, 146 Mounts Bay Road.

In addition to our current Clinic in the Wexford Medical Centre, Murdoch Hospital, Orthopaedics WA is also at Suite 51 of the Mount Medical Centre, next to Mount Hospital for your convenience. See this page for more details.

Orthopaedics WA continues to provide a No Gap service with all major health funds. See, our Fees page for more details.
November 2016
Launch of Orthocomp WA

With our dedicated elective and trauma orthopaedic specialist and rehabilitation service from Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation we can provide a streamlined service for patients with Workers' Compensation or motor vehicle related injuries.


August 2017
Dr Li-On Lam joins the Orthopaedics WA team this month. Specialising in shoulder, hip and knee surgery, Dr Lam and provides comprehensive non-operative and operative management.
He offers No Gap Cover for all major health funds, and he welcomes Private, Public, DVA, MVIT and Workers Compensation patients.
August 2016
Mr Thomas Bucher joins the group, bringing his experience of hip, knee and ACL surgery.
May 2016
Orthopaedics WA celebrated our second birthday.
June 2015
Mr Boris Brankov joins the group, brings his experience of foot and ankle surgery. With a dedicated foot and ankle surgeon, we are now able to offer a very efficient foot and ankle service for our patients. He is NO GAP with all major health funds.
March 2015
Mr Andrew Mattin joins the group, brings his experience of shoulder, knee and hip surgery.
Feb 2015
Fiona Stanley Hospital open for Trauma.
August 2014
Mr Ben Witte joined the group, bringing with him many years experience in knee particularly ACL and hip surgery.
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May 2014

New Orthopaedics WA Clinic opens in the Wexford Medical Centre, Murdoch Hospital.

The new rooms bring together a group of orthopaedic specialists interested in advancing orthopaedics through research, teaching and leadership. We all also operate in Fremantle University hospital. See this page for more details.

October 2013
Associate Professor Gareth Prosser and Professor Piers Yates appointed as Co-Heads of Orthopaedics and Trauma at Fiona Stanley Hospital.


August 2018
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Another of our popular GP Education Days was held on Saturday 25 August 2018 in conjunction with HFRC, Perth Radiological Clinic and Mount Hospital. Speakers from Orthopaedics WA will include: Prof. Piers Yates, Assoc. Prof. Gareth Prosser, Dr Satyen Gohil, Mr Andrew Mattin, Mr Simon Wall, Mr Li-On Lam and Mr Christopher Jones.

Participants took part in a series of Presentations, Practical Workshops and Tabletop Discussions throughout the Day. Earn 40 (Cat1) CPD Points.
More details are in the pdf flyer.
March 2018
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A very successful Physio information evening was held at the Wexford rooms on Thursday 8 March.

This educational series of short talks, small group sessions and forum discussions entitled Optimising Orthopaedic Patient Care and Outcomes covering the upper and lower limb areas including: hip, knee, elbow and shoulders was conducted by Orthopaedics WA surgeons Simon Wall, Satyen Gohil, Thomas Bucher, Ben Witte, Gareth Prosser, Andy Mattin, Li-on Lam and Piers Yates.

Keep an eye out for future information evenings for Physiotherapists.
August 2017
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A very successful GP Education Day was held in conjunction with St John of God Murdoch Hospital on 26 August 2017. Speakers from Orthopaedics WA included: Prof. Piers Yates, Assoc. Prof. Gareth Prosser, Dr Satyen Gohil, Mr Simon Wall, Mr Andrew Mattin, Mr Benjamin Witte, Mr Thomas Bucher and Mr Li-On Lam.

Participants took part in a series of Journal Article Discussions, Practical Workshops, Case Studies and Tabletop Discussions throughout the Day. The details are in the pdf flyer.
August 2016
Following a very successful GP education night last year, we are planning another for 24th August to be held at St John of God Hospital Murdoch. The event is entitled: 'Bone Crunching presented by Othopaedics WA'. Save the date for your diary.
May 2015
GP Education Night.
May 2014
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Visiting ABC Fellows come to Perth. Opportunity to share skills and expertise.
May 2014
Opening Orthopaedics WA Clinic, Suite 15, First floor, Wexford Medical Centre, Murdoch Hospital.
August 2014
New theatres open at Murdoch Hospital.
November 2014
Fiona Stanley Hospital Opens to Elective Orthopaedics.


  1. Uncemented vs cemented cups and wear. Yates, Burston, Wood. Perth
  2. NCB plate for periprosthetic fractures. Yates, Nikoloski. Fremantle
  3. Posterior malleolar fractures and fixation. Yates, Thomas. Fremantle
  4. Pain cocktail and TKR. Yates, Perrett. Fremantle
  5. Flexion gap inbalance. Yates, Stoffel, Jeffcote, Kuster. Fremantle
  6. Alcohol dressings on wounds. Yates. Fremantle
  7. Revision TKR for Stiffness. Gardner
  8. Tibial jigs in TKR. Yates, Wysocki, Fremantle, SJOGM
  9. Captive cups. Maor, Yates. Fremantle
  10. Tibial cementing TKR. Yates, Li, Eranki. Fremantle
  11. Day one/ zero THR mobilisation. Yates, Hefer, Ridley, Headford. Fremantle OPH
  12. Lisfranc fractures. Yates, Sowman, Eranki. Fremantle
  13. PFN vs TFN. Nikoloski, Yates, Myerkort. Fremantle
  14. Absolut stem. Jones, Yates. Fremantle.
  15. New knee assessment score (PKIP). Yates, Beverland. Frematle, Ireland, USA
  16. Accolade II. Stryker, Yates. Fremantle, USA
  17. Saiph TKR. Yates. Fremantle, NSW, Vic, UK
  18. THR survival in AVN. Young, Yates. Fremantle/AOA
  19. Uncemented THR in elderly patients. Myerkort, Yates. Fremantle/AOA
  20. Clexane and wound complications after joint replacement. Yates, Cusick, Wood. Fremantle, HPH
  21. Spectron stem at 10 years. Burston, Yates, Wood. WA
  22. Blood management in Fremantle. Yates, Prosser, haematology. Fremantle
  23. Tranexamic acid in Orthopaedics. Yates, Prosser, McGrath. Fremantle
  24. Early Rehabilitation after revision TJR. Yates, SJOGM
  25. Fractures through skeletal metastisis. Hill, D’Allessandro, Yates. Fremantle
  26. Fractured hips and osteoarthritis. Yates, Gallagher, Fremantle
  27. A new protocol for follow up of joint replacement in WA. Yates, Headford. Fremantle
  28. Revision TKR for component malposition. Fremantle
  29. Periprosthetic infections. Manning, Clark, Yates, Prosser. Fremantle
  30. Periprosthetic fixation using the Spider plate. Yates, Taheri, Fremantle


May 2014
Arthroplasty Society of Australia, Fremantle, WA.
Piers Yates is presenting at the annual meeting of the AOA Arthroplasty Society of Australia, which this year is being held in Fremantle.

  • Resurfacing vs modular Adept metal on metal hip replacement.
  • I love tranexamic acid.
  • Outcomes of treatment of 150 prosthetic joint replacements in Fremantle Hospital.
June 2014
Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Meeting, Singapore.

Piers Yates will present on revision knee replacment and periprosthetic fracture.
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